There’s One Thing That Meat Loaf Always Has On Him On Stage And He’s Never Performed Without It


Jason Kempin / Getty Images


The One Thing Meat Loaf Always Sings With!

What you may not know is that many of your favorite classic rock artists never do a show or concert without certain items on them. Whether it’s a scarf, a necklace, an undershirt, it could be anything from any other artist! That’s exactly the case with multi-platinum recording artist Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf was posed a question on Facebook in his comment section. The question was simply “Does he have gum in his mouth?” Here is his revealing answer.


When asked what kind of gum he uses, he also answered.

If you look through the many videos of him online performing and look very closely you’ll see exactly that. You’ll see that Meat Loaf has gum in his mouth every time. Given that every one of his performances is so amazing the gum is definitely something that we hope he keeps! Juicy fruit all the way, Meat Loaf!

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