Steve Perry Is Headed For A Legal Battle And He’s Gonna Need All The Help He Can Get…


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Uh Oh…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, former Journey frontman Steve Perry is in the midst of long-awaited comeback fresh on the heels of the release of his latest solo-album ‘Traces’. Many rock fans will tell you that this is what they’ve been waiting for for quite a few years now, and you’d expect, his comeback was nothing if not worth the wait.


Unfortunately, it now seems as this comeback is being met with some legal troubles, but it’s actually Steve who’s doing suing…

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According to The Blast, Steve Perry has filed a lawsuit against Phil Brown, a former associate of his, to prevent demos which he he performed vocals for in 1991 from being released. The Blast also reports as per obtained documents that Steve claims that these demos were recorded in Phil’s garage and were only intended to be just demos, nothing more, let alone to be released. The complaint reads as follows…

“He did not perform them as he would if the recordings were intended for public release. [Brown is] threatening to release certain old vocal performances of Perry as part of Brown’s band’s release, even though Perry owns all intellectual property rights in said vocal performances, Brown abandoned any claim to those performances in 2002, and Perry has repeatedly demanded that Brown not release those works.”

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Well, this certainly isn’t the way that anyone would want to finish out the year. It’s truly unfortunate that Steve is going to have this on his plate in the midst of his illustrious comeback, but nevertheless, we certainly hope that both parties will be able to settle their differences sooner rather than later.