The Kids In These Photos All Grew Up To Be Rock Legends – See Who They Are!

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1. Mick Jagger sporting a devilish smile even at such a young age!

(L) — (R) Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

2. From adorable, bear-hugging baby to an iconic runaway. Joan Jett is as beautiful as ever!

(L) — (R) Paul Natkin / Getty Images

3. At such a young age, who knew that this charmer would become a member of the most iconic band ever!?!

(L) — (R) Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

4. From bowl cut to rock legend, Axl Rose goes from school boy to rebel so seamlessly!

(L) — (R) KMazur / Getty Images

5. Lindsey Buckingham was even a stud in his high school days!

(L) — (R) Daniel Knighton / Getty Images

6. Rock legend Carlos Santana sporting a more reserved look back in his early days!

(L) — (R) JB Lacroix / Getty Images

7. No surprise here that the late, great Tom Petty was stealing hearts even back in his school days!

(L) — (R) Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

8. Who would’ve guessed that this adorable toddler would grow up to be one of the most infamous rockers in history!?!

(L) — (R) Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer / Getty Images

9. From bowtie to Ibanez, there’s nothing about Steve Vai we don’t love!

(L) Steve Vai / Facebook — (R) Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

10. Regarded by many as the king of rock, Chuck Berry is the ultimate rags to riches story!

(L) — (R) Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

11. Did Angus Young EVER take off that darn school uniform!?!

(L) — (R) Ian Dickson / Getty Images

12. Even at such a young age, Phil Collins was a ladies-man with those hypnotic blue eyes!

(L) — (R) Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

13. As serious as ever, there was never any time for your games for David Gilmour!

(L) — Francesco Prandoni / Getty Images

14. The handsome devil B.B. King always kept his attire classy!

(L) — (R) Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

15. Need I say more?

(L) — (R) Mick Gold / Getty Images