Steven Tyler Puts A Laid-Back Twist On “Dream On” That You’re Going To Absolutely Love…


zerocoolroot / YouTube


Steven Tyler Reworks A Timeless Classic

There are very few people in the world who have a voice like Steven Tyler. The man is iconic for his soulful melodies and harmonies and his beautiful yet glass shattering high notes. But above all else, Steven Tyler is arguably the most beloved rock star ever to grace the stage.

Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images

He is the lead singer for the legendary rock band known as Aerosmith. And “Dream On” is arguably their most iconic song, next to “Sweet Emotion” (That is, of course, very debatable). My point is, it is a song that accentuates all of Steven Tyler‘s best traits, but this particular rendition is arguably his best yet.

Waring Abbott / Getty Images

What you’re about to watch is a video performance of the aforementioned song in front of maybe 50 to 80 people in one room. In this intimate setting, Steven Tyler and his band decide to play Dream On, what this crowd is not expecting is just how powerful this particular rendition ends up being even after putting a laid back twist in it. See for yourself!


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