Simon Cowell’s Favorite Group Cover “Free Bird” And Have People Screaming


YouTube / David T.


Linkin’ Bridge

Linkin’ Bridge is from the west end of Louisville, Kentucky. They are a quartet that grew up in the worst project complex in the midwest. Their self proclaimed goal, “from hood to Hollywood.” Big Rome, Montre Davis, Shon China Lacy, and Ekoe Alexandra are hard working gentleman who strive to make something out of themselves.

Simon Cowell describes their first audition for America’s Got Talent as “sensational,” and ranks it among his favorites. Linkin’ Bridge had debuted on the show with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” The moment the group started harmonizing and beatboxing Cowell’s jaw dropped. These men can SING.



Fly Free Bird

Talent is talent- and these young men have it. Their sound comes from within. As Howie says, they have “passion and humility.” Neo calls it “raw passion.” Heidi Klum “never wants it to end.” Simon Cowell looks Linkin’ Bridge and tells them, “You know when I was talking about coming on this show and I was trying to think of what we were looking for and I just realized… it’s you.” OMG everyone was crying. Maybe not Simon, but everyone else was in tears. We are so happy that Linkin’ Bridge never gave up on their dreams because this is what music is all about.

“When I was six, my mother- she went to prison. We were sent to foster homes. I just remember being in a stranger’s home and being alienated in a room, and all I had was the radio. The music has been our refuge. I used that to escape so that I didn’t fall victim to what was on that corner,” China contextualizes.¬†With childhood roots like that, the ambition to succeed is astronomical.

Check out what Linkin’ Bridge is working on now on their Facebook: Linkin’ Bridge .


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