Grandpa Stops at Red Light and Rocks Out Hard to AC/DC

Youtube / Greg Schaffer

Air drumming in the car is still old school cool!

Let’s admit it – we’ve all probably grabbed a water bottle as a microphone or an air guitar before, in a moment when it’s just simply irresistible to rock out to our favorite song on the car radio. It mostly happens during solo car rides though. This grandpa surely lets loose while stopped at a traffic light when he takes out his imaginary drum sticks and just crashes away to ACDC’s Hells Bells!

A Florida driver spotted the old rocker stopped at a red light on his way home and caught this epic head-banging-traffic-jamming on camera! He’s turned up the volume and just enjoys his solo car-ride concert! What’s even more impressive is that grandpa just drives away mid-air drum session! What a sight to make you forget you’re stuck in traffic, right? Don’t we all wish our grandpa is as cool as this man?
Check out grandpa’s sick air drum beats below:



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