Lady Gaga Covers Elton John – This Is What It Sounds Like When A Cover Is Done Right


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Cover Leaks Ahead Of Tribute Album Release

Well. Leaks certainly aren’t good, especially for something as special as the set of tribute albums Elton John is slated to release in the next few days. But somehow, we can bring ourselves to forgive whoever leaked Lady Gaga’s cover of “Your Song” because it’s just that damned GOOD.

Don’t believe us? You’re about to.


“It’s A Little Bit Funny…”

Featured on Elton John’s 1970 sophomore album Elton John, “Your Song” wasn’t supposed to be heard until April 6th – the release day for Revamp, the second of two tribute albums to feature the biggest names in rock, pop, and country music reimagining John’s most career defining songs. And yet, here it is, streaming via Vocaroo for your listening pleasure. You can hear Gaga’s rendition at the link below:

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“And You Can Tell Everybody, This Is Your Song…”

Say what you want about Lady Gaga, but never let it be said that she doesn’t stay faithful to an original when she’s covering someone else’s work! The 32-year-old singer-songwriter didn’t get fancy with “Your Song,” keeping the original piano driven instrumentals and emotionally charged string section that John originally intended.

Her signature wail jumps between a low, steady murmur to a soaring belt at just the right times and places, sending chills running throughout your body and an unspoken emotion sitting right behind your eyes – interestingly enough, right where your tear ducts are.

Gaga knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to tackle one of Elton John’s most beloved songs. The strings and twinkling piano set her up beautifully to do what she does best: shake loose the cobwebs of your soul and get you feeling things you’ve forgotten. Check it out just above this article, and if you’re itching for the original, we’ve got footage of Elton John performing “Your Song” live on BBC TV in 1970. Enjoy!