John Paul Jones Plays “Black Dog” On Lap Steel Guitar- Sounds So Good


Youtube / Mac Pattaya


Dude Is A Monster

Ok, it’s official. John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin might just be the coolest human being on planet Earth.

C’mon, it’s not all about Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, people! I think he just became possibly the most interesting man in the world with this instrumental cover.


All jokes aside, it’s quite a treat to see such a rock legend still going strong, showing off his talents and sharing with the modern world what real music and rock n’ roll used to be.

John Paul Jones In His Younger Days

In this clip we find the Led Zeppelin bassist doing something different.

Here he plays the vocals and melody on this steel guitar with full band behind him. Never thought something like this could sound so sexy! That riff is arguably one of Zep’s most famous, and he turns it up a notch.

What looks like was filmed by a fan in the audience, you get to experience the raw energy from this concert. Hear the crowd. Feel the music. Rock will never die.