Jim Carrey Proves He Is The Eggman With His PERFECT Cover


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Coo Coo Ca Choo

The Beatles’ music producer, George Martin, orchestrated In My Life in 1998- and it just might be one of the most amazing works he’s produced. Although the album never made it to your record collection, there’s a timeless cover that should not be ignored or forgotten. Proving his vocal elasticity, Jim Carrey added a comedic signature to “I Am The Walrus.”

Before you take offense, watch the comedian give it a shot in the studio…



It’s Jim Carrey!

There’s no denying it- the cover is completely Jim Carrey. The best part is how much joy the music itself brought the band and producers in the studio. The Beatles make everyone feel some type of way, and so does Carrey. He combined the reminiscent quality of “I Am The Walrus,” with his adrenaline rushed twist of humor and the entire cover is just fun.

George Martin guides Carrey through the British dialogue with a professionalism that Carrey absorbs. Of course, he must plug his nose to get the British accent that the comedian interprets as nasally. A full string band accompaniment creates a classical production. Yet, Carrey brings a new life to the traditional orchestra with his wild side. Watch for yourself! It’ll make your day…


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