Here Are Just A Few Of The Highlights Of Marilyn Manson’s Major Onstage Meltdown


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49-Year-Old Shock Rocker Walks Offstage After Meltdown

Fans in Huntington, New York are angrily demanding their money back after shock rocker Marilyn Manson appears to have suffered a massive meltdown onstage last night.

The 49-year-old is in the process of making up tour dates after being sidelined by an onstage injury last year and by all accounts, fans had high hopes; those hopes were dashed, however, when Manson began to rant incoherently, begging the audience to tell them how much they loved him before he threw his mic, pushed an amp over, and abruptly left the stage after about 4 songs.


Fans chronicled the concert on social media, providing an eyewitness account of Manson’s apparent meltdown. One fan said of Manson’s behavior:

“It’s clear he was under the influence of something. Which, let’s be honest, is not that strange for a rock star. But this was something different. He couldn’t seem to pull it together to deliver a performance even mediocre at best. It was distressing to see an artist you care about in such a bad state.”

“Tried seeing Marilyn Manson tonight. We have seen him on 4 other occasions and always entertained. This time due to being so drugged, drunk, or sick unfortunately this concert was a complete failure.”

Honestly? It’s actually a little uncomfortable to watch. Sure, fans paid a pretty fair amount to see him live, but it’s clear that the guy isn’t doing well for one reason or another – be it substance abuse or just going through a rough time. In the middle of the chaos of attendees weighing in with their own theories for what cause Manson’s meltdown, some kind and others not so much, another musician weighed in on the matter, offering a perspective no one but another musician is fit to give. Singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer responded to a fan’s concern, offering kindness and clarity and expressing sadness for whatever Marilyn Manson is struggling with.

“This is a hard job we do, playing onstage night after night. It can be hard on the soul and sometimes life collides with stage with painful results. Performers aren’t machines, we are people. Always be forgiving,” reads the first part of Palmer’s statement.

Jokes aside, meltdowns like that are never funny; whatever is going on with Marilyn Manson, I genuinely hope he’ll be okay and finds a way to work through whatever it is that’s eating at him.