Heavy Metal Band Bobaflex Covers Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” And It Will Take Your Breath Away




One Of The Best Covers You’ll Ever Hear!

The opening track to Side 3 of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ is one of the greatest songs in the history of music. “Hey You” encapsulates everything about the album’s main character, Pink. It’s a dark, eerie, and grand song that serves as the climax for the album.

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No one performs “Hey You” quite like Pink Floyd, obviously, but there are some pretty damn good covers out there. This one in particular by a heavy metal band called Bobaflex will completely blow your mind. These heavy metal guys stay true to the original tune of the song, but add subtle changes.

Bobaflex / Facebook

Their cover is a tad heavier, and the solo is slightly altered. But other than that, it’s pretty hard to find a better cover than this one!

Fun Fact: This was not used in the movie The Wall. It was edited out because Roger Waters felt that the lyrics didn’t really fit chronologically with the story.

Check out the cover down below, and let us know what you think!