Gibson Just Released Its Newest Guitar And Fans Absolutely HATE It


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Beam Me Up Gibson!

As you probably already know, the prestigious guitar company known as Gibson is in a world of trouble. They’ve been hemorrhaging hundreds of millions of dollars for a while now and with a more-than-noticeable decline in quality things aren’t looking for this company. So, to try and bounce back from these troubles, Gibson has just released a new guitar that they hope will turn that all around. Unfortunately, fans just aren’t having it.


Introducing the Modern Flying V

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As you can tell, Gibson have are trying something new. Playing off the iconic traditional Flying V design, Gibson have put a modern twist on this age-old guitar-type.

“With a space-age design, custom-plated metal appointments and a shimmering prism-sparkle finish, the limited-edition Modern Flying V from Gibson Custom Shop is a Sci-Fi shredder sure to turn heads. Inspired by the famous 1967 Gibson Flying V, this version features a contoured maple top, Apex headstock carve, counter-sunk output jack and color-matched hardware. Each guitar is made from lightweight solid woods and includes a custom-fit rectangular hardshell case and a Gibson Custom Certificate of Authenticity.” -Official Description 

This guitar retails for the low, low price of just $4,499. And yes, as you could imagine, fans are not happy… See for yourself in the video below.


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