Ex-Ozzy Osbourne Guitarist Sums Up Being Fired In Just Four Words

(LEFT) Greg Doherty / Getty Images -- (RIGHT) Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Well Said, Gus G!

As you may know, it was reported that Ozzy Osbourne would be reuniting with longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde to embark on a farewell tour. This came as great news to fans of the longtime Ozzy/Zakk era, but one person that we suspected may not have been so happy to hear this was Gus G, who was hired as Ozzy’s guitarist back in 2009.

Metal Underground recently caught up with Gus to discuss the whole ordeal, but much to the surprise of many people, Gus’ response to this news was summed up in four words – “It’s totally cool, man” here is what he had to say…

“I got a phone call and they let me know what’s happening. It’s totally cool, man. It’s Ozzy’s band; he can do whatever he wants. I had a great time playing with Ozzy. It was fantastic for me. It changed my life forever. I can’t complain about anything. They treated me super nice. I think, given the fact that Ozzy is doing a farewell tour, it’s great that he brought Zakk back, because they have a lot of history between them, and I think the fans want to see that.”

It’s certainly great to hear that Gus has a good attitude about this. Gus G and Zakk Wylde are both great guitarists and have contributed greatly to Ozzy Osbourne’s music.


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