‘Country Road’ Pop Punk Style- Somehow They Made It Work

via ConexusBand/YouTube

They Sound Like Green Day Covering Country Road And It Works

For whatever reason, there have been memes circulating around the web of the classic Country Road song. You might have seen it, it’s a multiple image meme of a seagull with its head way back singing the chorus. No? Okay well, it seems appropriate to share this video we found. These guys, ConexusBand are a legend. They took this country classic and turned it into a pop-punk masterpiece.

When you think about it at first, it doesn’t sound like a very good idea. It’s the crossover you’re probably not too excited to listen to.

But lo and behold, they proved all the doubters wrong because not only did they manage to pull it off but they took the song and made it their own. It’s easily one of the most memorable covers we’ve ever heard.  And this is the Country Road version you never thought you needed.


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