7 Classic Rock Valentine’s Day Cards For People Who Are Too Good For Hallmark


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What’s Valentine’s Day Without Classic Rock?

Yeah yeah, we know; Valentine’s Day was made up by Hallmark to keep the holidays going long after you’ve argued with your spouse about who’s going to take out the damn Christmas tree, and the only upside is that chocolate is 50% off tomorrow. Roses are expensive, it’s hard to find a sitter and worst of all, the cards are terrible.

Not anymore! We’ve got a selection of shamelessly awesome classic rock themed Valentine’s Day cards to share with the rock and roll lover in your life, and they’re sure to make you say, “Now that’s MY kinda Valentine!”


Need We Say More?

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Nothing says “I Love You” Like Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Diamond Dave Is Excited About These Cards, And You Should Be Too

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It’s Been Over 40 Years And Stevie Still Won’t Be Our Valentine

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The Fab Four Have An Offer You Won’t Be Able To Refuse

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Bobby Who, Now?

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Searchin’ For A Heart Of Gold? Look No Further!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Print these out, cut ’em up and share ’em with the people you love the most!