New From ‘The Voice’ Last Night- You’ve Never Heard Classic Rock Hit Like This

You Won’t Believe How Good He Is

You know you’ve sang it during a drunk night out karaoking. Admit it. Many people have tried to master this song, but no one can do it like Steve Perry…not even Arnel, sorry! But that’s okay. You don’t need to copy good ol Steve. Just make it your own. Own it. Like this guy we just saw on the hit game show The Voice. Rayshun Lamar is the name, and here in the blind auditions he absolutely slays this Journey classic hit. It’s a big mystery though why not all 4 judges turned around, but just 2.

But what really captivated our hearts is the fact that it was this song that helped him get through cancer about 5 years ago.”5 years ago, I almost died, mannn..I had cancer. In ICU I used to play that just gave me so much hope and energy…”


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