Lady Gaga Shows Off With “Black Dog” Vocals- It Finally Happened

Youtube / Lisa Hunter

She Won Our Hearts

It’s been quite a year for Lady Gaga and it’s still just February! From the Super Bowl halftime performance to her collaboration with Metallica (which were both so epic we still couldn’t move on), she kept on surprising us with how musically versatile she is. If by any chance, you’re still doubting her golden pipes, watch this video of her belting out to “Black Dog” and boy, can she sing! She showed off her vocal chops in an a cappella version of the timeless┬ámasterpiece and we’re left speechless. So why did she choose this particular song? As it turns out, before she achieved international stardom, she used to sing for a Led Zeppelin cover band. Well that explains it!

Now we definitely love to hear more of her classic rock covers. We’d buy tickets just to see her perform Led Zeppelin tunes. She can seriously sing anything and everything.


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