Hidden Camera Catches Slayer Covering Led Zeppelin And It’s… Something


No One Does It Quite Like Slayer!

During soundchecks, especially ones that aren’t against any kind of clock, bands use this time to just sort of goof off or in this case cover some classic tunes. If you’re ever lucky enough to be present at one of these soundchecks, especially ones for bigger bands, you’ll get to see this for yourself.

One band that consistently covers classic rock tunes at soundchecks is Slayer. It wasn’t even that long ago that Slayer was secretly filmed playing some Lynyrd Skynyrd at one of these soundchecks, and this time around it’s no different!

What you’re about to watch is a video in which the aforementioned Slayer are secretly filmed covering Led Zeppelin’s Rock & Roll. To put it simply, this is what viral moments are made of. You may not expect the thrash kings known as Slayer to knock this cover right out of the park, but just wait until you hear THIS!


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