Badfinger’s 1972 Performance Of “Baby Blue” Will Make You Smile… Then Cry

mikecarter79 / YouTube

A Nice Trip Down Memory Lane!

Badfinger is the kind of band that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, they will always give you a MASSIVE sense of nostalgia. Badfinger are also a band that has had back luck over the years, with inner turmoil and even suicide halting them at every turn, this is a band that not only will strike nostalgia, but pure sadness. One thing you can count on though, is there amazing music, AND there live performances. Case in point, 1972!

What you’re about to watch is Badfinger take the stage and perform their hit song “Baby Blue”. This song will definitely make you feel like you’re riding in the front seat of a car with you head sticking out and your tongue flapping in the wind like a dog. Well, that’s what I imagine, anyway.

Fun Fact: This was the song that was playing during the final scene EVER of the hit TV series ‘Breaking Bad’!


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